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How to Treat Scar Tissue

Scars are the end result of the body’s natural healing processes. All kinds of injuries – burns, cuts, surgical incisions and trauma – form scars when they heal. These scars can be of different shapes, sizes and colors. Sometimes scars are raised from the surrounding areas of skin. Such a scar stands out and is very noticeable. Whether the scar is raised or not, its rehabilitation is necessary. One of the ways in which the scarring can be lessened is scar massage 1. Your dermatologist can perform this massage for you. You may even learn and perform it on yourself.

Apply an antiseptic lotion on the scar. Use your index and ring fingers to rub the lotion into the scar in circular motions. Keep making these circular motions along the length of the scar and even around the scar tissue.

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Use both your hands to make crisscross massaging motion through the length of the scar. To do this, pull the index and ring finger on one of your hands across the scar while pushing the index and ring fingers of the other hand across it.

Use only one hand to perform this massage on an area which can be reached only by a single hand. In such a case, the crisscross motion of pulling and pushing the skin can be performed by the one hand that has access.

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Raise and pinch the scar tissue with your thumb and index and ring fingers. Rub the fingers against the scar tissue while keeping the thumb stationary, then slide your thumb along the length of the scar on the other side of the pinched skin. Repeat along the length of the scar.

Rotate the index and ring finger clockwise and counter-clockwise making smooth circles along the scar tissue. Apply more lotion if the need arises and finish the massage when the lotion is completely absorbed into the skin.


Always check the scar before massaging it. If there is a break in the skin, massaging it would only cause the injury to get more severe.


Stop massaging the scar as soon as you experience any bleeding, redness or pain.