How to Treat a Chemical Peel Burn

Chemical peels are a common type of beauty treatment that can be used to treat age spots, some scars and other areas of unusual pigmentation on the skin. Chemical peels work by mildly burning the skin, using acid, to help with pigmentation problems. However, if you leave the chemical peel on for too long, or if you just have sensitive skin, this burn can become more serious and require treatment.

Get rid of the burn's cause. Take the chemical peel off and then rinse the affected area with cool water. Continue rinsing for at least 20 minutes.

Remove and jewelry or clothing that has been contaminated. Wash this as well, both to prevent it from becoming damaged and to avoid re-burning yourself with residue from the chemical peel.

Relieve pain by applying a cool towel or wet cloth to affected area.

Protect the burned area. The best way to do this is to loosely wrap it, using a clean cloth or a dressing that is dry and sterile.

Rewash the area. This is critical if you are still experiencing any burns.

Avoid popping any blisters that form. Gently apply aloe lotion to relieve the pain.