How to Transfer a Prescription From Another State

Whether you are on vacation or relocating to another state, it may be necessary to transfer a prescription. Being without medication can be inconvenient and dangerous. Pharmacies and doctors are able to communicate to ensure that you do not go without your necessary medication. The process for transferring a prescription is relatively simple and should take little time to complete 1.

Contact the new pharmacy and ask if it will process the transfer between pharmacies. Pharmacy chains such as Walgreens and Rite Aid do not consider filling a prescription at another location a transfer 1. Even if the new location is out of state, there is no change necessary. However, even if the new pharmacy is not part of a chain, it should still be able to provide this service. Provide the telephone number of the old pharmacy to aid the process.

Call the prescribing physician and ask her to send the prescription to the new pharmacy. Many prescriptions can be sent via fax, saving time. To shorten the transfer time, have the phone and fax numbers of the new pharmacy available when speaking with your physician.

Take your prescription bottle to the new pharmacy to help it identify the medication, prescribing physician and other necessary information.


Plan ahead for traveling out of state by requesting a longer supply such as 60 or 90 days.


Specific regulations exist for transfer of controlled substances. Contact your pharmacist to inquire about these medications.