How to Stop Hair Growing in My Ears

Ear hair keeps out harmful bacteria and cuts down on ear infections. However, as men and women age, ear hair can grow longer and be more noticeable. Inner ear hair should be trimmed and not removed; however, outer ear hair can safely be removed and prevented. Following a few tips can get rid of outer ear hair and stop its growth, eliminating the need for shaving and waxing.

Apply a depilatory cream to the outer ear. **Take caution when using these creams to not get them inside the ear, as this can cause damage 2. This will literally melt the hair to the root and kill the hair follicle. People with sensitive skin may experience a rash or inflammation.

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Tweeze the ear hair on the outer ear with a pair of sterilized metal tweezers. Tweezing slowly deadens the hair follicles, eliminating hair growth. This method takes some time before hair stops growing.

Visit a licensed dermatologist or skin-care clinic for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal will burn the hair and destroy the follicle, preventing other hairs from forming. This will take a couple of visits for full effects.

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Apply lemon juice to the outer ear. This will naturally bleach the hair and the acid will deaden the follicles and kill the roots with continued use.