How to Stop Diarrhea with Household Items

Diarrhea refers to frequent bouts of loose, watery stools that leave your stomach churning throughout the day. The Doctors Book of Home Remedies notes that diarrhea is the body's natural way of cleansing bacteria out of your bowels 12. Bacteria can come from food or a virus that has affected your health. Home treatment of diarrhea will help ease symptoms, but you should always consult your physician when dealing with unexplained diarrhea.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Diarrhea causes fluid loss, increasing your chances of dehydration. Clear fluids are ideal for combating loose stools, but you should avoid apple and pear juices, as these can worsen your symptoms.

Home Remedies for Diarrhea in Adults

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Eat high-fiber foods in abundance to thicken loose stools and regulate your bowels. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole-grain bread and bran-based cereals will ease diarrhea, states the Doctors Book of Home Remedies 12.

Cut down on your consumption of highly seasoned foods, dairy and meats, suggests Meats are high in fat, while seasonings tend to upset the stomach further, causing digestive problems.

The Best Food for Diarrhea

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Eat plenty of strawberries. According to the Doctors Book of Home Remedies, strawberries control diarrheal bouts by helping to thicken stools 2. Strawberries are best when in season, during the spring and summer months.

Drink a cup or two of hot tea per day. Tea with a little sugar binds the stool together, eliminating its watery consistency.