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How to Restore Libido in Men

A natural hormonal process as a man ages is the decline of his libido, also known as sex drive. This happens because the body's production of testosterone slows over time, and the development of fat on men causes an increased production of estrogen, a female hormone. There are many drugs available to help men resurrect their libido, but there are also multiple more natural methods of helping improve your sex drive before turning to medications 1.

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Reduce the factors in your life that contribute to stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of reduced sex drive in men, and many times this stress is caused by lack of sleep, busy schedules and pressure at work 1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep each night, manage your time wisely and clearly divide time between work and play to achieve balance in your life and cut down stress.

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Talk about sex and your libido with your partner. Discussing your issues with your partner will make you more comfortable with your situation, and it will help your partner understand your predicament. Sometimes a reduced libido and inability to achieve an erection can induce self-consciousness and make an erection even more difficult to attain. Discussing your problems can help alleviate this obstacle.

Eat foods known for their ability to boost your libido. Raw oysters have long been considered one of the ultimate sex-drive boosters. The zinc in them helps boost sperm and testosterone production, and oysters also contain dopamine, a hormone that can boost libido. Other good foods for boosting your libido include bananas, avocados, nuts and mangoes.

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See your doctor to determine if medication is a good option for you. Some individuals may be advised against medication, such as those with high blood pressure, but for most men medications like Viagra and Prozac are easy to obtain, particularly if you are middle-aged or older.