How to Make My Nails Grow Faster & Stronger

If you've always envied women with long, natural fingernails, make your fantasy of having beautiful nails a reality. Your nails may break after they reach a certain length because they lack moisture or are too weak to grow any longer. If your nails are opaque in color, pitted or curl at the ends, consult a doctor-- your symptoms may be the sign of a vitamin deficiency or illness. Otherwise, you can strengthen your nails at home if your doctor approves. Toss those acrylic fingernails and grow your own strong and healthy nails 12.

Soak the fingernails in a bowl of cool water for five minutes, then apply alpha-hydroxy lotion if your nails are dry and brittle, recommends the American Academy of Dermatology website in the article "Brittle Splitting Nails." This process will help hydrate the nails and make them less susceptible to breakage.

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Keep all rough edges and snags on your nails filed or trimmed, says Nails with snags are more likely to catch on objects during the day, which can cause nail breakage.

Wear cotton gloves when doing the dishes. Washing the dishes in harsh detergent may weaken the nails and make them brittle. If you frequently work with chemicals, like ammonia or bleach, wear cotton gloves during use.

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Paint your nails 12. Adding an extra layer of nail polish onto your nail will help strengthen your nails and help them remain strong as they grow. If you don't want to wear color on your nails, use clear nail polish.

Apply nail polish remover sparingly, particularly if it contains acetone. Acetone is a harsh chemical that removes nail polish quickly, but also dries out the nails. At the most, use nail polish remover once a week.


You can purchase alpha-hydroxy lotion at the drugstore or beauty supply store.


Keep nail polish and nail polish remover out of the reach of children.