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How to Know If You're Losing Your Hair

Hair is a form of dead protein that pushes through the layer of skin on the scalp. Through a normal life cycle, hair goes through a growing phase, a resting phase and a shedding phase. As the hair is shedding, the growing phase begins all over again. If you're losing your hair, after the shedding phase is over, new hair does not start growing back in. This process can be really slow or really fast, and it can be caused from heredity, hormonal problems, stress or side effects of medications. If you're losing your hair, there are several signs you can look for to make a determination.

Inspect your hairline if you are male 2. Look at the edges of your hairline by your temples 2. If they have started to recede up toward the top of your scalp, then you are losing your hair. Eventually, your remaining hair will form a horseshoe shape.

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Utilize a hand held mirror to check the top of your head if you are male. Turn your back to a big bathroom or bedroom mirror. Lift the hand held mirror up and at a slight angle. Look at the top back part of your head in the mirror. If it is flesh colored and the hair is spread apart, then you are losing it. If you are female, inspect your whole head for thinness with the mirror. Thinning hair over the whole scalp is more common in women.

Check common areas where your head is resting for long periods of time. Look on your bed pillow, chairs that you sit on often, your car seat and clothes. If you are losing your hair, you will see high amounts of it in these locations.

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Search the drain when you are done showering. It is common for body hair to be found in the drain of your tub when you take a shower, but if you continually find clumps of hair, then you could be losing it from your hair. Also inspect your comb or brush for higher than normal amounts of hair. It could be falling out when you are combing it.

Compare your head to a picture from a several years ago. Stand in front of a mirror and look at the picture. Notice the thickness of your hair then and now. If your hair is thinner and lighter now, then you are most likely losing it.