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How to Jump Start a Weight Loss at a Standstill

A weight loss plateau can slow the motivation of even the most dedicated weight loss enthusiast. Reaching a point where your weight loss comes to a standstill is a common complaint for those trying to lose weight and it can be disheartening to experience. If you've lost weight with ease before and your body has suddenly halted its progress, you can overcome the plateau with renewed dedication, a change in your routine and a reassessment of your weight loss goals.

Assess your current diet and how it relates to your weight loss. If you began your weight loss journey at a certain weight and reduced your calories, you may be eating too many calories for your new lower weight. While you should never eat less than 1,200 calories per day if you're a woman and 1,500 calories if you're a man, lowering your caloric intake to match your new weight can help you see movement on the scale.

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Invest your money in a personal trainer. If your workout habits are lacking and your recent weight loss standstill has you feeling unmotivated, a personal trainer can help you get to the gym. When you know you have a standing appointment with someone you're paying, you'll be much more likely to get to the gym and work out the entire time you have with your personal trainer. You'll also have another set of eyes to ensure that you maintain proper form for the maximum benefit.

Keep a food diary for a few days and record everything that you put into your body. Then, look over your records to identify any areas where you could improve. You may not have noticed that you tend to eat batter from the bowl or finish off your child's grilled cheese. These all add to your daily caloric intake and, if left unchecked, could sabotage your weight loss success.

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Change your fitness routine to work your body in new ways. While you may enjoy running, using it as your only mode of exercise could lead you into a plateau. Instead, try something lick kickboxing or an indoor cycling class to change your body's movements and burn more calories to jump start your weight loss again.

Cut alcoholic drinks from your diet. Drinking a beer here and a mixed drink there may not seem like a big deal, but they can add serious calories and slowly metabolized sugar in your body. Alcoholic drinks can also contribute to an unsightly and difficult to remove belly pooch. Switching from alcohol to water or club soda can help you restart weight loss. If you must have the occasional drink, avoid mixed sugary concoctions and stick to small amounts of spritzer or wine.