The David Kirsch Diet Plan

David Kirsch, a trainer on ABC's "Extreme Makeover" TV show, is accustomed to getting big results in a short amount of time, according to his biography. He created a 14-day diet and exercise regimen, also known as the "Ultimate New York Body Plan," to help participants kick-start a weight-loss plan. Generally, the strategy to losing weight includes becoming more active, eating smaller portions, and choosing foods lower in fat and calories, all of which he recommends. Because the plan lasts only 14 days, it may not be practical if you have a lot of weight to lose.

Some Rules

For the best results, Kirsch recommends that followers strictly adhere to what he calls the A, B, C, D, E and F of nutrition. This refers to six items that are forbidden during the two-week plan -- alcohol, bread, starchy carbohydrates, dairy, extra sweets, fruit and most fats. These items can get in the way of your weight loss, according to Kirsch. The goal of the plan is to eat a nutritious "clean" diet for the two-week duration.

The Food

Now that you know what you can't eat, you're probably wondering what you can eat. The good news is you won't have to count calories or carbohydrates, or do any food weighing. The plan does involve replacing one meal with a meal- replacement shake, and having two snacks and two healthy meals. Kirsch's diet emphasizes lean protein and non-starchy vegetables. Skinless chicken breast, salmon, eggs, 98 percent lean ground beef and tuna are examples of lean protein. If you lack confidence in your meal-planning ability, Kirsch offers provides a 14-day menu that you can follow.

Digging into the Menu

The menu for the David Kirsch diet plan isn't necessarily exciting, but it does focus on nutritious foods. Plan to eat plenty of protein and vegetables. Kirsch recommends a meal-replacement shake for breakfast, and a mid-morning snack of scrambled eggs with mushrooms. Lunch options include salmon and asparagus; skinless chicken breast and broccoli; or sesame chicken and spinach. Egg, chicken or tuna salad makes a good mid-afternoon snack, and ground beef with roasted bell pepper is a typical dinner.

Tips for Following the Plan

Kirsch offers some practical tips for following the plan, such as cleaning out your refrigerator and cupboards before starting. Get a leg up by making a grocery list of the foods either on his 14-day menu or on a menu you create yourself, and doing your grocery shopping for the entire two weeks in advance. Clear your calender of restaurant outings for the two week-period to prevent temptation to stray off the diet. Kirsch also recommends planning your menu for each week, or following his, so that you know what you're going to eat each day.