How to Get a Six Pack As a Teenager

The teenage years are ideal for trying to get a six-pack stomach. Your metabolism should be very high, which means your body burns fat quickly and makes way for toned muscles. When you want to get a six pack, incorporate healthy choices into your lifestyle. The biggest problems you might run into typically include facing peer pressure to party and eating unhealthy food with friends. Stay strong in your decision to live healthy and you should get six-pack abs.

Eat healthy by making food at home. Avoid fast food and sweets. Create well-balanced meals that are rich in protein, such as a lean turkey burger or a grilled chicken breast with a side of lima beans or a spinach salad.

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Burn calories with everyday activities such as cleaning the house and mowing the lawn. Actively engage in your life by walking around town instead of sitting at home on your sofa to lose excess body fat while avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Get up and move to tone your body — exercise in a gym is not the only way to get fit.

Burn fat with 30 minutes of walking three days a week and jogging two days a week. Eventually start running three days a week and walking two days a week, but remember to take one or two days off from exercising. This way, your body can rest and avoid injury.

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Do exercises that help build ab muscles three or four times a week for 20 minutes. Perform standard crunches by lying on your back with your fingers resting gently under your head your elbows out to your sides. Lift your shoulder blades off the ground, using your ab muscles, for 10 reps. Another ab exercise would be to position your legs on a stability ball with your hands on the ground and arms extended 3. Start with your body in a straight line. With your legs and feet, pull the ball toward your chest and twist both legs to one side for 10 repetitions.

Drink eight cups of water a day. Skip the high-calorie sugar drinks such as juice and soda. Water makes you feel full and keeps you hydrated, which should give you energy.


Doing abdominal exercises alone won't give you six-pack abs. You must incorporate a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise to burn fat, including the layer of fat that may be hiding your abs.


See a doctor before beginning any weight loss program. Teens can very easily get an eating disorder, which can be a serious health problem with adverse effects.

Avoid parties that serve alcohol. Alcohol is illegal for teenagers and has empty calories.