What to Do After Eating a Lot of Junk Food

Whether it's a bag of chips, a couple of extra scoops of ice cream or an extra large helping of cheesecake, you succumbed and now feel miserable. Don't punish yourself. No one is perfect, and it is okay to allow yourself a momentary lapse. It's time, however, to reassess your overall wellness plan and take action to guard against eating a lot of junk food in the future. Take measures to get past the unfortunate event, re-start your plan, obtain support and get moving.

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for binging. Accept that it was not the best choice but it happened, and it's time to acknowledge it and move on. The Chicago Tribune says it's very possible to slip and binge again if you punish yourself for a binge. You will not be able to let it go and move on to healthier habits if you continue to chastise yourself. Recite affirmations of forgiveness aloud such as, “I forgive myself for making this mistake and it is over.”

Recommit and Evaluate

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Recommit to your personal plan for health to move past the binging. Write down your intent to make the best choices possible regarding food, fitness and emotional heath and re-evaluate your specific program of achieving and maintaining well-being. Health Management Partners of South Dakota recommends starting a food diary that will help keep you accountable for what you eat. Change anything that is not working for you. For example, if you stress yourself out trying to attend an aerobics class three times a week, aim for two classes and work out at home to a fitness videotape one day a week. Strive for effectiveness and simplicity.

Talk to a Friend

Contact a friend once you have overindulged in junk food. Tell someone who shares a similar struggle about your binging, as the confession will help lighten your mood. Also, tell him about your plan to recommit to your program and any changes you have made to it. Ask him to hold you accountable in the future. Do not forget to let your friend talk as well. Actively listen and respond to him to also be a good friend.

Take a Walk

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Go for a brisk walk after consuming a lot of junk food. The exercise will help your digestion. You will also benefit from the fresh air and the endorphin rush the exercise gives you. Take a water bottle to stay hydrated, especially if you indulged in salty snacks. The water will also help flush toxins out of your system.