How to Improve Crepey Neck Skin

Neck skin is thin and delicate, so it's one of the first places wrinkles tend to show up. It's also less oily than the skin on your face, and that dryness may give the skin a crepey, weathered look. Prevention is the best medicine for wrinkles, but it's not too late if you're starting to see fine lines. Creams containing anti-aging ingredients -- such as glycolic acid and vitamin C -- help to smooth a wrinkled neck and make skin look plump again.

Exfoliate skin nightly with a product that contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or glycolic acid. Apply an AHA or glycolic-acid treatment after cleansing your neck but before using moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup. These acids moisturize skin and may help fade fine lines.

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Treat your neck with a moisturizer that contains peptides every day 5. Peptides boost collagen production and help skin to look more plump. Apply the moisturizer after showering, when skin is still damp, for better absorption.

Smooth an anti-aging cream designed for facial or neck skin over your neck every night before bed. Choose a cream that contains ingredients such as retinol, niacin or hyalyronic acid. Retinol or plant extracts help firm saggy skin. Niacin creams strengthen the skin barrier, improving your neck's tone and texture. Hyalyronic acid attracts moisture and locks it into your skin.

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Apply a vitamin C-rich serum three times per week in the evening. Vitamin C fights skin-aging free radicals and helps to increase collagen production.

Protect your neck daily with an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen 5. Your neck is very susceptible to sun damage, so it's vital to wear sunscreen whenever you're outdoors.

Sit up straight in a chair, then lean your head back so you can see the ceiling. Stretch your bottom lip over the top lip as far as you can -- as you do this, you should feel your neck muscles tighten. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat the motion nine more times. This exercise tightens neck muscles and can make the area look more toned.

Ask a skin doctor or dermatologist about laser treatments to improve your neck's skin texture. Other options include light devices or radio frequency to boost collagen production. Botulinum-toxin injections can help to ease vertical wrinkles.


You can hide neck wrinkles with a matte bronzer that blends well with your skin tone. Use a large powder brush to apply the bronzer to the center of your neck, from the collarbone up to the chin.


Avoid covering your neck with scratchy fabrics, such as wool, after treating the area with an anti-aging cream. Doing so may cause irritation.