How to Get Rid of Crepe Paper Arms

Crepe paper skin (fragile looking, wrinkled skin) on your arms can make you embarrassed to show off your arms. You can reduce the appearance of crepe skin on your arms through a strict routine of skin care. Some cases of crepe skin may be too severe for home remedies, but if you catch the problem early, you can usually delay the irreversible effects of crepe skin. Don’t lose your patience during the process, though, because it requires a lot of work to combat crepe arms.

Consume more vitamin C throughout your day and don’t peel your vegetables (the peels contain silica). Silica and vitamin C promote healthy, elastic skin 1. The more elasticity your skin has, the healthier it looks and feels.

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Switch your traditional cooking oils for olive oil and sunflower oil. These oils contain healthy fats that keep skin hydrated and young looking.

Cover your arms in sunscreen anytime you go outside before sunset (even on overcast days). Sun can damage your skin and sap some of its elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and crepe skin.

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Rub hydrating lotion on your arms after hot showers. The hot water of the shower will take essential oils and nutrients out of your skin, so the lotion helps replace what the water took.

Run a derma roller over your arms at least once a day. The derma roller creates very small surface craters in the skin of your arms, which prompts your body to send a flush of collagen to the arms. The collagen helps firm the flesh and reduce crepe skin.

Lift weights or swim regularly to keep your arms firm and toned. Flabby arms are especially susceptible to crepe skin and wrinkles. Lift weights or swim for at least a half hour a day to maintain strong, smooth arms.

Consult a dermatologist about laser skin tightening. The process involves a doctor lightly shocking you with a laser to help promote collagen production. Only a licensed doctor should perform this procedure.