Retin-A Creams That Tighten the Neck

While wrinkles may be the most noticeable on your face, other areas of your body, like your neck, can sag and betray your age as well. Both “More” and “Allure” magazines state that Retin-A, or retinol, creams work to increase your skin’s production of collagen and enhance cell turnover, which helps to tighten skin and diminish wrinkles. Use body products with this ingredient to lift sagging neck skin and get a younger-looking glow.

SkinMedica TNS Body Lotion

The skin on your neck is often different than the skin on your face, and using products especially formulated for the body will work best for it. To tighten and even out your neck skin, “More” recommends applying SkinMedica TNS Body Lotion. This product promises to repair any damage your skin has suffered as a result of aging or exposure to the harmful effects of the environment.

It claims to moisturize and smooth skin while also diminishing the look of any brown spots or discolorations, and it contains retinol to soften rough spots and exfoliate dead cells, helping to encourage new cells to form. Other ingredients like hyaluronic acid and retinyl palmitate work to lock the product’s nourishment deep inside your skin, making it firmer, plumper and less prone to sagging.

Pevonia Botanica’s De-Aging Body Balm

Use a cream that combines retinol with botanical ingredients for a pleasant scent and antioxidant benefits, says “More." The magazine recommends Pevonia Botanica’s De-Aging Body Balm, which contains marine elastin and collagen, pomegranate and niacinamide in addition to retinol. This product promises to repair skin damage while it refines fine lines and wrinkles, firm up your skin and give your neck a more even-looking tone.

Its blend of tropical fruit extracts claims to give the cream both a pleasant scent and a smooth texture, helping the product glide on easily and absorb into your skin. When applied twice a day, it promises to reduce multiple signs of aging on your neck and body.

Vaseline Renewal

The older your skin gets, the more collagen it loses, which makes it look dull and less supple. Reverse this loss and help tighten wrinkles on your neck and body with a cream like Vaseline Renewal, says “Allure.” This product contains a blend of moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients, like retinol, that work to condition and hydrate your skin while encouraging your skin cells to replenish themselves more quickly. The company states that this will result in skin that is firmer and less wrinkled. It promises that your skin will feel smoother and more nourished as soon as you apply the lotion, and over the course of four weeks, it claims to reduce wrinkles and give you tighter skin as well.