How to Get Rid of Tiny Blackheads Near the Mouth

The first thing a person sees is your face. However, if you have tiny blackheads around your mouth and nose, their attention could be directed towards those rather than the beauty you project 4. Although it is tempting to squeeze blackheads to remove the debris, don’t; Squeezing will only cause inflammation and redness, and potentially long-term scarring. Instead, opt for other methods that will keep the redness at bay and leave your face blackhead-free.

Wet your face with warm water.

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Use a salicylic acid-based face cleanser on your face. To use, squeeze a small amount onto a washcloth and gently massage it over your face. Use circular motions to help remove any debris such as dead skin cells. Rinse the cleanser from your face with warm water. The salicylic acid in the cleanser acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial product, reports

Steam your skin, either by applying a hot washcloth to it for ten minutes, or by carefully wrapping a towel around your head over a steaming pot of water. Steaming your pores softens the blackheads making them easier to remove.

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Soak the comedome extractor in a capful of rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. Allow it to soak for approximately two minutes. Do not rinse after soaking.

Place the extractor next to your skin with the comedome center loop directly over the blackhead.

Press the extractor down gently over the blackhead. The debris from the inside of the blackhead should have been pushed out.

Massage a small amount of benzoyl peroxide cream over the area. Benzoyl peroxide is an over-the-counter medication used to treat inflammation.

Use an acne strip to remove blackheads. If the extraction method does not work, place a few small strips around your lips. Let the strip rest on you face for 10 to 15 minutes. Gently pull the strip up and away from the face to release the blackheads.


It's best to use a product containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid daily. These two debris-removing chemicals will help curb the acne flare-ups around the mouth. You can purchase an acne extractor at your local drugstore or pharmacy.


If you have sensitive skin, avoid using the acne strips too often. These blackhead-removing strips may aggravate and inflame your skin.