How to Get Rid of Scars on Toes

Toe scarring is common once a corn or callous is successfully removed. Scars, which form when your skin is cut or torn, is a normal part of your body's healing process. **Scars are thicker and lighter than unaffected skin, posing a cosmetic concern for many 3. Toe scarring may deter fashion savvy individuals from wearing sandals or swimming. The fortunate news is that scar formations on your toes can be decreased and in some cases, eliminated.

Cover your scar with silicone sheeting, which is available at most drugstores and mass merchandisers. Silicone sheeting has been shown to significantly reduce scar appearance according to Fitness magazine. Sheeting flattens your scar and helps spread out collagen fibers that have grouped during the healing process.

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Massage your toe scars for five to ten minutes daily to increase blood circulation. Many massage therapists offer scar massaging to promote lymph node drainage and reduce scar size and depth. The increase in blood circulation also helps new skin and tissue to form, aiding in healing.

Moisturize your scar with thick cream or lotion 3. Maintaining your skin's natural moisture balance will help increase skin's elasticity and reduce discoloration of your scar. According to Fitness magazine, onion extract massaged into your scar daily can also help due to its allicin content. Allicin has been shown to inhibit collagen grouping in scar tissue.

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Apply aloe vera gel to your scars to help reduce inflammation, suggests Alford ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Texas. Aloe vera helps flatten scars and reduce swelling due to its quick absorption into the skin.

Consult a dermatologist regarding skin resurfacing techniques. Many techniques are available that can remove the damaged layers of scar tissue and promote new skin growth in its place. Dermatologists offer many scar treatments such as dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and light therapy.