How to Get Rid of Puffiness on Cheeks Under the Eyes

Pesky under-eye puffiness that bleeds into the cheek area has a myriad of sources: Lack of sleep, seasonal allergies and diet are all likely culprits. But regardless of their origin, puffiness takes a toll on your complexion 2. A few changes to your lifestyle and daily routine can zap those bags and make your entire visage appear younger and brighter.

Cut back on salt intake. Salty foods can cause your body to retain water, which results in puffiness and swelling under your eyes and on your cheeks.

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Sleep with an extra pillow under your head to prevent fluids from pooling under the eye area. By keeping your head slightly elevated, puff-inducing fluids will drain.

Rest cold tea bags on your eyes first thing in the morning to reduce swelling. The cool temperature constricts the blood vessels under your eyes making the area less puffy. Resting the tea bags or chilled spoons on your cheeks will also diminish puffiness.

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Apply concealer directly underneath the puffy region of your eyes to camouflage the swelling or discoloration 2. Choose a product that is a shade brighter than your natural complexion, as this will make the hollow areas appear less deep and even out the look of your skin.


If your under eye puffiness is not eased by at-home remedies, there is a chance it may be genetic. In this case, speak to your doctor or dermatologist about more permanent solutions, such as cosmetic surgery, to determine what is best for you.