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How to Get Rid of Dead Skin and Little Scars on Your Legs

Legs are often neglected. It can be easy to throw on a pair of jeans and forget about any problems. Dry winters and daily shaving take a toll on your skin, leaving it with rough patches and scars from healed nicks and scratches. But you can renew the skin at home through exfoliation and daily treatment. Buff away dead skin and heal little scars on your legs, and get ready to put those jeans away.

Step into the shower and wet your legs with warm water to open your pores.

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Pull on an exfoliating mitt, and pour a quarter-sized amount of exfoliating scrub onto the palm. Use a scrub containing glycolic acid for strong exfoliation that will also promote healing for your scars. Choose a soy or lactic acid based scrub if you have sensitive skin, to slough away dead skin and lighten the scars without being too abrasive.

Apply the scrub to your legs using an upward, circular motion. Coat your legs completely, and go over the scarred areas one more time. Add more scrub to the mitt as you run out 2.

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Rinse your legs with warm water and gently pat them with a clean towel until damp. Avoid rubbing, because this will irritate the skin and cause more dryness.

Pour a dime-sized amount of silicone gel into the palm of your hand, and smooth it over the scars while your skin is still damp. Pour a quarter-sized amount of oil based moisturizer into your hand, and smooth it over your legs and the gel to lock in moisture completely. Choose a moisturizer with olive oil, jojoba oil or urea as the primary ingredient.


Add this to your shower routine twice a week. Apply the silicone gel and oil to your legs daily.