How to Get Rid of Belly Roll Odor

It's a common misconception that all overweight people have offending body odor. Odor can occur on anyone, in any place where skin folds together to make a pocket, like the underarms, under the breasts and in between belly rolls. This odor isn't usually caused by poor hygiene, although it can be. Usually it's the result of odor-causing bacteria that naturally live on our skin and mix with sweat. If you find your belly rolls are the source of displeasing odor, you can make a few changes to keep smelling fresh.

Clean skin with a mild soap and water at the start of your day to wash away any sweat and bacteria that accumulated overnight.

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Apply an antiperspirant on areas where you typically have the most sweating. Antiperspirants block pores and reduce or stop sweat. This will give the odor-causing bacteria less sweat to accumulate in.

Apply deodorants instead of antiperspirants if you'd like to prevent odor-causing bacteria without blocking sweat.

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Wear natural fibers that allow air flow to your skin. Choose cottons and other lightweight fibers to allow air to evaporate some of your sweat and keep you drier.

Use cotton swabs to clean sweat and bacteria from your belly button and to add a small amount of antiperspirant or deodorant. The belly button is an often neglected area that creates an ideal home for sweat and bacteria.

Avoid alcohol, caffeinated beverages and spicy foods, as they increase perspiration, notes MedlinePlus 2.

Freshen up throughout the day if you feel your body odor efforts wearing off. Slip off to the bathroom to wipe sweaty areas with a damp towel or moist cotton swab. Reapply deodorants or antiperspirants.


Avoid excessive use of cologne and perfume to hide body odor, as this just masks scent and can be offensive to those around you.