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How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Hands

While plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures can reverse the signs of aging on your face and body, the same isn't as true of your hands. The hands, unfortunately, reveal the natural passage of years most obviously in the form of brown age spots. These spots, the result of hyperpigmentation caused when too many UV rays strike the skin, are unsightly, but don't have to be permanent. With a regular skin care regimen you may be able to fade these spots until they are all but invisible.

Apply a topical cream containing Vitamin A or C to your hands. These antioxidant vitamins naturally fade out dark spots. Be sure to use them consistently to see results.

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Bleach the skin of your hands with a hair bleaching product 2. Look for a formula with 12 percent hydrogen peroxide. Dip the end of a swab in the bleach and dab it on the age spot every other day for a week. Increase the usage as needed, keeping an eye out for burns or irritation. Use only on individual spots, not large areas.

Use a skin bleaching agent. Ask your dermatologist for a prescription for hydroquinone or tretinoin, otherwise known Retin-A. These creams will gradually fade spots and the tretinoin may have the benefit of smoothing out finer wrinkles.

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Get a chemical peel. This needs to be done by a doctor and is recommended for individual spots, not large clusters of them. The results are generally good, although the peeled areas may be noticeably lighter than the surrounding skin.


Be generous with sunscreen and use it regularly. Age spots will return if you expose your hands to the sun.