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How to Do Sensual Massages

By Genevieve Van Wyden ; Updated November 16, 2018

You and your partner can use sensual massage to express your feelings for each other and to put each other in an erotic mood. While therapeutic massage is intended to help you get rid of bodily aches and pains, sensual massage is meant to help you and your lover relax and enjoy romantic, loving touch. Sensual massage gives a couple the opportunity to spend time together with no other purpose than growing closer to each other.

  1. Pick a day and time when you and your lover won’t be disturbed. Shut the phones off, turn the computer off and send your children to the sitter. Shower or bathe to make sure you are clean and comfortable getting close to your lover.

  2. Set up the massage area, whether it’s a bed, sturdy table or massage table. Spread a sheet on the massage surface and roll up two clean towels to use as knee and neck rests. Make you use a sheet that you don't mind having stained by massage oil. Set candles up throughout the room and have bottles of water on hand so you can drink when you get thirsty. Set the massage oil and anything else you need--such as extra towels or contraceptives in case you decide to carry the activities beyond the massage--close by so you don’t break the mood by leaving the room for something you overlooked.

  3. Turn any bright lights off and light the candles to create a soft, romantic atmosphere in the room. Turn on romantic music, but keep the volume low.

  4. Talk to your lover about romantic times you’ve shared to get him into the mood. Walk up to him and softly kiss him on the lips, shoulders and chest. When the mood is right, lead him to the massage area and have him undress and lie face down.

  5. Begin stroking your lover’s back and shoulders lightly, then move down to her buttocks and the backs of her legs. Don’t forget the bottoms of her feet. Feet are an erogenous zone, meaning that touching them can stimulate sexual feelings. Make sure she’s getting relaxed as you touch her. Pour about 2 tbsp. of massage oil into your hand and rub your hands together to warm the oil. Begin massaging your lover’s back with long, smooth strokes. Ask her if the stroking is too soft or hard, using a gentle tone of voice. Adjust your stroking as she indicates.

  6. Keep one hand on your lover’s body at all times as you move from one part of his body to another. Move down his body as you massage, stroking his buttocks lightly and massaging the backs of his legs and feet with the oil. Use your body weight rather than your arm strength for deep stroking.

  7. Ask your partner to roll onto her back. Slide the rolled towels under her neck and the backs of her knees and let her adjust them until she is comfortable. Replenish the massage oil and warm it in your hands. Start by massaging her chest, shoulders, arms and hands, keeping one hand on her body at all times. As you move down her body, stroke her nipples and breasts lightly--this can be pleasant for men too--and lightly brush her genitals on your way down. Brush her inner thighs near her genitals, teasing her. Brush over them again as your hands travel in the opposite direction. As you brush her pubic area, gaze into her eyes.

  8. Maintain your emotional connection by asking your lover what he is experiencing as you massage him. The mood during your massage session will become more erotic as the massage progresses. Allow this energy to build up and move toward a natural progression and conclusion.

  9. Tip

    Clip your fingernails and toenails beforehand so you don’t accidentally scratch each other during your massages.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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