How to Cook French Fries on a George Foreman Grill

French fries are a favorite side dish and can be prepared on a George Foreman grill. Cooking fries on a George Foreman grill is healthier than deep frying and gives them a crispy texture that you don’t get with baked fries. French fries can be prepared on the grill in less than 30 minutes and with very little preparation.

Slice the potatoes into 1/4-inch slices and coat them with canola oil. You can cut the potatoes with a fry slicer if you have one.

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Sprinkle salt and pepper on either side of the potato slices. Coat the potatoes liberally with the spices.

Heat up the George Foreman grill on medium for five minutes.

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Cover the grill with the wedges and lower the top down in place. Leave the fries on the grill for 20 to 25 minutes. They should have a crispy texture on the outside and a soft consistency in the center.

Serve with your favorite fry toppings.