How to Brew Cold Tea in a Keurig

Keurig offers a variety of brewing systems aimed for use in either the home or office setting. Aside from hot beverages such as coffee, tea and hot cocoa, Keurig also produces a line of single cups used for brewing iced beverages. When purchasing Keurig cold tea cups, look for the "Brew Over Ice" symbol found on the lid of each package. These Keurig cups are specifically blended for with a different concentration of tea and fruit flavoring made to be poured over ice.

Fill your 16 oz. cup to the top with ice cubes and place it on the drip tray plate.

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Open the K-Cup Portion Pack Assembly Housing and place a Keurig "Brew Over Ice" cup inside the machine before closing the lid shut.

Select the 6 oz. or 8 oz. option on your Keurig machine. The machine will say "Ready to Brew" before making your selection and "Brewing" afterward.

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Wait for your Keurig machine to cycle through and finish the brewing process. Remove your cold brewed iced tea, stir with a straw or spoon and enjoy.


Before beginning the brewing process, make sure your water reservoir is filled.

Keurig provides single brew K-cups. Discard the K-cup after one use, otherwise the tea will seem watered down.


Keurig advises not to use glass when performing the cold brew process.