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How Many Calories are in 1 Cup of Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds aren't just for the birds, they are a nutritious snack to enjoy alone or as part of a trail mix. Roast a cup of sunflower seeds in the oven and sprinkle with salt before eating.

Calorie Count

A cup of sunflower seeds is four times the normal serving size of 1/4 cup, according to Calorie King, and contains 745 calories. A full cup of the seeds contains 98 percent of your total fat allowances, or over 63 g.


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Sunflower seeds are rich in protein, potassium and calcium. One cup of the seeds contains 24 g of protein, 89 mg of calcium and 1088 mg of potassium, according to Calorie King. A cup of sunflower seeds also provides you with 22 percent of your daily sodium needs, or 525 mg.

Health Benefits

Sunflower seeds are a high-fiber food, according to, and can help regulate your digestive system. One cup of the seeds contains approximately 11.5 g of fiber, as listed in Calorie King.