The Health Benefits of a Nordic Track Ski Machine

By Kristy King

Incorporating exercise equipment into your weekly fitness routine can play a major role in the effectiveness of aerobic and strength training workouts. The Nordic Track ski machine mimics the smooth motions of cross-country skiing to exercise leg and arm muscles simultaneously. Whether you want to lose weight or just improve your overall health, consider purchasing a Nordic Track ski machine or using one at your local gym.

Burn Calories

The Nordic Track ski machine targets two large muscle groups--arms and legs--to provide a full body workout. This type of aerobic exercise allows you to burn a large number of calories in the minimum amount of time. If you are trying to lose weight, the Nordic Track ski machine can help you burn enough calories to achieve your desired weight. Also, a full body workout tones muscles and gives you more energy throughout the day.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Nordic Track ski machines provide aerobic fitness that benefits the health of your heart. The effort your body has to exert to use the Nordic Track machine raises your heart rate and improves cardiovascular health. According to the American Heart Association, physically inactive people are at a greater risk for coronary artery disease, which often leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and even heart attacks. Even if you don’t have existing heart problems, exercising with a Nordic Track ski machine might prevent cardiovascular issues as you age.

Disease Prevention

Regular exercise on a Nordic Track ski machine may prevent certain kinds of serious diseases from developing in the future. Physical fitness makes your bones stronger and can even slow down the process of bone deterioration and osteoporosis for women in the long run, reports The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Physical activity can lower risks of developing depression, diabetes, stress and certain types of cancer.

Low-Impact Aerobics

The smooth motions of a Nordic Track ski machine provide a high-impact workout at a low-impact level. Low-impact exercise refers to types of routines that avoid running, jumping and kicking motions that may stress joints and muscles. According to ACOG, high-impact exercises can lead to serious fitness injuries such as bone fractures, shin splints and knee problems. Choose a Nordic Track ski machine over a treadmill or vigorous high-impact workouts to reduce your chances of getting injured.


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