Is the Cardio Wave Machine Good for Weight Loss?

The Cardio Wave machine simulates speed skating, in a low impact weight-bearing format 1. There's no pounding on your knees with the Cardio Wave the way there is when you walk or run. It provides comfortable yet challenging cardiovascular exercise that can stimulate the metabolism to shed excess weight. It's an effective choice for individuals looking for a weight loss exercise that's also easy on the joints.

Low Impact

If you're someone who's carrying a large amount of excess weight -- 50 to 100 pounds -- your knees are subject to a significant amount of impact in every day life. Low impact exercises like the Cardio Wave, are excellent choices because the gliding movements required by your legs are easy on the knees. Weight loss requires a lot of energy expenditure which demands lots of exercise. The Cardio Wave allows an overweight person to endure long bouts of steady state exercise -- which is essential to lose weight -- without stressing the knees too much.

Good For Interval Training

Interval training and High Intensity Interval Training have been shown to produce excellent weight loss results. The Cardio Wave machine allows you to perform intervals of higher intensity exercise by simply bumping up the resistance 1. These higher intensity intervals rev up your metabolism. Interval training and high intensity interval training have been shown to increase the amount of energy, or fat, your body burns up, not only during but also after you're finished exercising. This is known as post exercise oxygen consumption; it means greater calories burned, which is necessary for weight loss.

Works Large Muscles In Your Legs

The quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes are large and powerful muscles in your legs. The Cardio Wave recruits these powerful muscles to do a lot of work when your legs are performing the gliding movements. These muscles are used in knee and hip flexion. When these muscles engage they burn a lot of calories, especially when you do interval training that involves an increase in resistance. Those short bursts stimulate the muscles to grow stronger; stronger muscles require more energy even at rest. This added need for energy in the form of calories aids in your weight loss efforts.

Calories In Calories Out

The true recipe for weight loss is burning calories. If you're overeating, you'll never lose weight no matter how much exercise you do. Aim to eat 10 times your body weight in calories per day, and do exercise to create a deficit. The more intensely you exercise, the more calories you burn. High intensity intervals can burn up to 10 calories a minute. If you alternate that with periods of lower intensity over the course of 30 minutes, you could burn up to 300 calories per session.