Health Effects of Just for Men Hair Dye

The effects Just for Men Hair Dyes can have on a man's health can be far longer lasting than the dye itself. From allergic reactions to cancer, hair dye can be a very toxic product to use on the body 3. While the dye is a product for the hair, the chemicals used to make the dye are easily inhaled and absorbed through the skin.


When hair dye is used long term, the chemicals in the dye can make a person's airways very sensitive to irritants. Not only does the dye cause difficulty breathing but other factors like dust, smog and smoke can become problems for the person to be around.


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Studies have shown that hair dye in large quantities can cause cancer in lab rats 3. It is inconclusive whether or not Just for Men hair dye can cause cancer when used properly, but the chemicals in the product have the potential for doing so 3. Chemicals in Just for Men dye can damage human DNA of the cells in the body.

Nervous System Dysfunction

Chemicals like hydrogen pyroxide, found in hair dye, can impair the nervous system. The nervous system regulates our balance, breathing and digestion. All of these processes can be affected by hydrogen pyroxide in low doses. Often times these effects are temporary, but frequent use of these dyes can cause permanent problems.

  • Chemicals like hydrogen pyroxide, found in hair dye, can impair the nervous system.

Allergic Reaction

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Many men can have an allergic reaction to one or more of the chemicals in Just for Men hair dye. Phenylenediamine is a chemical found in most hair dyes and causes an allergic response in the body that can cause breathing difficulties, rashes or dysfunction of the liver or kidneys. This chemical has recently been banned in Canada, France and Germany.