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How to Heal an Infection in a Closed Wound

A closed wound infection ranges from a cut that healed too quickly, leaving infection under the surface of the skin, to the most commonly infected internal wounds that happen after surgery, especially closed incisions. The internal bleeding of a closed wound may clot creating a hematoma, which may initiate an infection. Some closed wound infections can be treated at home while others must be cared for by a specialist if they are caused by severe accidents or surgery. The proper treatment of a closed wound can prevent swelling and further complications.

Wash scab where wound has closed over an infection with soap and water. Once scab is soft, lift off from skin entirely.

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Place newly-opened wound under running water and press gently to drain any excess liquid or pus.

Soak a cotton ball with alcohol and apply directly onto wound to disinfect completely. This may sting temporarily.

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Place bandage on wound to keep bacteria away from skin and allow the wound to re-close free of infection.

Change bandage daily, applying Neosporin to scab upon each change to prevent any new infections.

Complement the healing process by taking half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water daily to increase blood flow in body 1. Some people think this will help the blood carry needed nutrients to damaged cells and remove their waste material.

Seek the help of a wound specialist if closed wound infection occurred after surgery or an accident. Specialist may need to use professional drainage systems to reach infected tissue and prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to aid in the healing process 1.


Take the daily dosage of cayenne pepper powder even when treating a serious closed wound infection unless advised otherwise by specialist.


Do not attempt to follow this method of healing if wound is larger than four inches. Large or deep closed wound infections should always be treated by a doctor.