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How to Get Gum Out of Braces

By Marie Jones ; Updated July 27, 2017

Most orthodontists advise their patients not to chew gum while their braces are still on. This is due to the high sugar content of gum, which can easily lead to cavities. Gum also can catch easily on wires and brackets, and if left uncleaned can lead to plaque buildup. Another possibility is that the bracket or wire of your braces may need to be replaced by an orthodontist, which can be costly and time consuming for you.

Cleaning Gum From Braces

Brush your teeth as soon as you realize that there is gum in your braces. This will loosen up excess gum and, while it will not get all of the gum out, will get a good majority to vanish.

Floss to loosen up gum that is caught on the wire of your braces. Use a dental threader to get the floss deep in between your teeth and next to the bracket. Dental threaders are available at most drugstores and from your orthodontist.

Pick gently at the bracket with a toothpick, loosening as much remaining gum as possible. Be very careful not to loosen the bracket itself.

Visit your orthodontist if you have tried everything but still have gum in your braces. He can clean the bracket and wires for you and replace them if necessary.

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