How to Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus

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How to Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus. Toe nail fungus is an organism that lives in dark wet climates. The same fungus can exist in the fingernails, but it tends to worsen on toe nails because of their tendency to be covered for long periods of time. To get rid of toe nail fungus, you will need to pick a treatment and stick with it--no matter how long it takes.

Consult a doctor. Professional help may be the best way to get rid of toe nail fungus at its worst. Especially if the fungus has been left for a longer period of time, and has worsened due to lack of care, a doctor will be able to give you Sporonox, Diflucan or other prescription drugs to fight the infection.

Look to natural cures. If you have a milder case of toe nail fungus, try using tea tree oil or Leucatin. With natural cures to get rid of toe nail fungus, the key is to continue using the medication even after the problem has seemed to clear up.

Do it yourself. Lamicil creams and tablets work for some, but with every person it may differ. You can also try filing down the thicker parts of the nail, which is typically done by a specialist. Be sure to have a doctor diagnose that it is in fact toe nail fungus before you begin treating it on your own.

Prevent the fungus before it starts. If you have the need to get rid of toe nail fungus often, try the prevention part of the cure after the next session of treatments. By avoiding tight socks, using foot powder, covering your feet at the gym and swimming areas, and drying your feet thoroughly when they are wet you can help stave off the fungus and keep it from coming back.

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