How to Cure Nail Fungus Naturally With Peroxide

Nail fungus is an infection that can affect one or more of your nails. It usually begins as a white or yellow spot that develops underneath your fingernail or toenail. The skin around the nail becomes red and irritated. As the nail fungus invades the rest of your nail, it can create more problems. A severe fungal infection can make your nail look yellowish-brown because of the debris that builds up underneath it. The nail may thicken and eventually detach from the nail bed. Peroxide is one way to get rid of a fungal infection. Peroxide creates a hostile environment for fungal infections because they cannot survive in an acidic environment.

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Fill a wide bucket or large container with warm water if the infection has affected your feet. Fill a small bowl with warm water if the infection is in your fingernails.

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Pour a cup of peroxide into the container. You can also add six to eight drops of your favorite essential oil if you desire. You cam mix in a cup of sea salt if you want to exfoliate while you soak.

Add a cup of apple cider vinegar into the container if you have a serious fungal infection.

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Place the affected foot or hand into the container. Allow the nails to soak in this solution for 30 minutes.

Rinse the affected area with warm water. Dry the nails and the skin between the nails thoroughly with a terry towel.

Repeat this treatment three times daily until you get rid of the infection.


Always dry your feet with a towel after a shower or bath. Make sure that you dry the skin between the nails because fungus thrives in a warm and moist environment.

Wearing sandals can help your toes to breathe and can prevent fungal infections.

Wearing socks made of cotton and well-fitted shoes can also keep your feet healthy.

Give yourself a pedicure or a manicure every two weeks to maintain the health of your nails.


Avoid wearing nail polish until the fungal infection has been eliminated. Nail polish and acrylic nails can encourage the growth of fungus.

Toenail fungus is harder to treat than fingernail fungus.

Never share your towels or washcloths with anyone because fungal infections can spread.

Consult your physician if simple home remedies are not effective. He may prescribe an antibiotic to kill the fungus.