How to Get Rid of Excess Cuticles on the Toe

Cuticle control is important if you seek healthy-looking, well-manicured toes. Cuticles protect your toes between the toenail and the nail bed, so cutting them or scraping them away can be painful or harmful to your toes. Cuticles on toes run from the bottom of the white nail tip to the base. They can sometimes cause an infection if they are not cared for properly. After removing excess cuticles, pamper toenails and the cuticle area to prevent unwanted growth and to promote healthy toenails.

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Rub cuticle or shea butter cream into the toenail cuticles and the skin around the toenail. Massage the cream into the cuticles until you feel the cuticles become softer and more supple.

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Press the cuticles back gently, using the flattened end of an orange stick. Begin at one end of the toenail and delicately work your way across the cuticle line on the nail. Press the cuticles as far back off of the toenail as you can get it without causing pain. Push the orange stick and the cuticle until they are flush with the skin at the beginning of the toenail.

Drop almond oil onto the cuticles and massage it in well. If your cuticles are extremely dry, use as many drops as it takes to soften the dry cuticles.

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Rub a nail buffer over the cuticles and the toenails. The buffer will remove any excess cuticle skin while polishing and shining your toenails. Repeat this process weekly.

Polish your nails with a clear nail strengthener or massage Vitamin E oil into the cuticles after buffing. Massaging Vitamin E oil each day will help to prevent the cuticles from growing back over the toenail.