How to Get Gas Relief After Colonoscopy

The colonoscopy procedure can be broken down into three parts. There’s the colonoscopy prep where you prepare yourself for the colonoscopy. To some, that is the worst part of the procedure. Then there’s the actual procedure, which is a piece of cake. Normally the person is asleep and wakes up fully refreshed. The third part of the procedure occurs afterwards, and for some people that involves excess gas.

Not everyone suffers from excess gas after a colonoscopy; but if you happen to be someone that does, there are several things you can do to find relief from the excess gas.

Drink hot liquids. Right after a colonoscopy you have to remember that both your stomach and your intestinal tract are empty. When things are empty, air has a tendency to accumulate. One of the best ways to get rid of gas and the accumulation and find relief from the bloat is to drink hot liquids. Try drinking tea or clear broth to help encourage gas relief.

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Eat small, light meals. The desire to eat a large meal after having gone for 24 hours without food is very tempting but don’t do it. Slowly reintroduce food into your digestional tract. Eating a large meal right after a colonoscopy not only overwhelms your system, but the physical discomfort is not worth it. Eat small amounts of non-gas-producing foods such as lean meats or fish. Stay away from gassy foods such as broccoli and beans.

Move around. Movement is the body's way of keeping everything flowing. If you go out for a walk or engage in very mild exercise, it will help to keep the gas flowing so it won’t build up and cause discomfort.

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Stay away from gum. If you enjoy chewing gum, stay away from it for at least 24 hours after the colonoscopy. In addition to swallowing more air when chewing gum, some of the sweeteners used in gum are known to cause gas 1. Therefore, if you’re looking to reduce the incidence of gas after a colonoscopy, hold off on the gum chewing 1.

Remain calm and relaxed. Stress causes stomach juices to flow which in turn cause gas. If you can, try to stay away from stressful projects for at least 24 hours after having a colonoscopy.