How to Get a Flat Stomach and Bigger Breasts

Many women who are unsatisfied with their appearances face a tough choice when it comes to altering their body shape: bigger breasts or flatter stomach? If you are just changing your dietary and exercise routines, you may find it hard to maintain a full chest while getting rid of stomach fat. Some women have good genes and manage to keep their breasts while losing weight, but many others see their breasts disappear with the stomach fat.

If you are trying to get that perfect physique, here are some ways to strike a balance between big breasts and a flat stomach.

Change your diet to cut out unhealthy fats while increasing healthy fats. Animal fats from meat and dairy, and hydrogenated fats found in fried and processed foods are major contributors to stomach fat. Instead, eat more nuts and natural oils. Whole grains, potatoes, avocados, and bananas are also healthy choices for high-calorie plant foods. They fill you up without making you flabby.

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Maintain good colon health and stay regular. You can reduce stomach bulge by going #2 everyday. Eat more fiber to get your bowels moving.

Do exercises that strengthen the muscles under your breast. If you start an exercise regimen that reduces the fat all over your body, naturally your amount of breast fat will also decrease. Doing more pectoral exercises can help you make up for that loss by bulking up the muscle underneath. This will help your breasts look bigger and stay firmer.

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Resist the temptation to flatten your stomach with "spot reducing" exercises, such as sit-ups and crunches. An abs-only workout routine won't be effective enough to get rid of stomach fat. To get rid of belly flab, you have to reduce all over your body by doing cardio and aerobics.

Also, just doing sit-ups and crunches could bulk up the muscle underneath your fat, making you look extra large around the mid section. Only do ab exercises as part of a comprehensive fat burning routine.

Consider having a baby. Sounds a little extreme, but scientifically, it's true: getting pregnant usually results in a permanent increase in breast size. And with hard work, you can tone your abs and regain a flat stomach.

Only consider this option if you want children! Never have a baby for reasons of wanting bigger breasts. And remember, it really does take a lot of work to get rid of baby weight.

Talk to your doctor about liposuction and fat injections. It is possible for a plastic surgeon to suck fat out of your stomach and redistribute it into your breasts. However, the procedure has its risks and this option is not right for everyone.

Try to find happiness with a healthy body shape. This may mean that you tolerate having small breasts but a flat stomach and skinny waist. Or it means tolerating some stomach flab but having beautiful full breasts.