How to Make My Breasts Smaller

Large breasts might be visually desirable, but can be physically painful, causing back, neck and shoulder discomfort and deformity. If your breasts are too large, you might feel self-conscious and you might have trouble finding clothes that fit the way you like. Making your breasts smaller can alleviate these problems and help you look and feel better. For many women, the breasts you have are the breasts you're stuck with, but there are several approaches to reducing breast size that might work for you. Each woman's body is different, so you may have to consider more than one approach to achieve results.

Lose body fat and replace it with muscle. Breasts are mostly fat, so losing weight often means losing breast volume. Continue to lose weight until you've reached a healthy weight, as recommended by your doctor or nutritionist. Once you've reached your healthy weight, evaluate your breast size and determine if you're happy with your new breasts. Exercise at least five days a week for at least 30 minutes as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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Discontinue breastfeeding to reduce the size of your breasts. Breastfeeding causes a dramatic increase in breast size as your breasts become milk production and storage devices. When it's time to wean your baby, your breasts might get larger as they become engorged. Ease into your new feeding routine and express only enough milk to relieve pressure as you transition. Your breasts will return to a smaller size once milk production halts.

Get fitted for the proper bra. A bra that fits properly can provide enough support to minimize breast, back, shoulder and neck discomfort caused by heavy breasts. Choose a bra designed to reduce the appearance of large breasts if you're interested in the cosmetic aspect of smaller breasts.

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Consult your doctor or plastic surgeon about breast reduction surgery. For very large breasts, breast reduction surgery might be the only option. It may also be medically necessary if your breasts cause extensive discomfort. The surgery involves about a month of recovery and may be covered by insurance if you can demonstrate medical necessity.

Talk to your doctor about possible underlying conditions that might be contributing to breast growth. This is especially important for men. Hormone disorders and some types of tumors can cause breast growth. Follow your doctor's treatment plan for the best results.