How to Fit an Elastic Knee Sleeve

Elastic knee sleeves can help add stability to those faulty knees that have a tendency to slide out of place during activity. You can purchase these at almost any drug store, or you can purchase them at grocery stores. The trick to using elastic sleeves for support is to find one that fits well enough to give support, but is not too tight or too loose. Knowing how to fit a knee sleeve will help prevent injury and provide additional support 2.

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Fitting an Elastic Knee Sleeve

Try on a variety of the knee sleeves. You might guess what the correct size is, but until you actually can try on the sleeve, you will not be able to determine if it fits correctly.

Pull the knee sleeve up to your knee 2. The fit should be snug as it gets closer to your knee, and you should have to exert some effort in actually pulling it up and over the knee joint. It should not be so hard to pull over that you have to actively struggle, but you should have a snug fit.

The top of the knee sleeve should rest at the lower part of your upper thigh 2. There should be no wrinkles, and no gaps. The sleeve should fit like a second skin, and there should be a feeling of snugness and added security once the sleeve is on.

Just as important as making sure it is snug is to make sure it is not too tight. There should not be a squeezing feeling, and you should be able to slide two fingers under the sleeve without feeling extreme tightness against your fingers or your leg. The idea is to provide support without cutting off circulation.

Walk around while wearing your knee sleeve to see how it feels 2. The ideal fit will provide movable support. It will allow your leg to work, and provide a secure feeling, but will not hurt your knee or leg.


Take your time choosinga knee brace, and always save your receipt in case it does not fit.


Make sure the brace is not too tight! You do not want to cut off circulation to your leg.