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What Is the Fastest Exercise to Lose Weight?

By Ivy Liu

Whether you're trying to lose weight fast for a big event or just looking for a quick weight loss, you can improve your odds by using some of the fastest exercises to lose weight. Before taking on a radically new exercise or weight loss program, consult a doctor. Schedule and stick with a rigorous workout program and you can sensibly lose weight faster with some of the most effective exercises. Before taking on a radically new exercise or weight loss program, consult a doctor.

Fastest Exercises to Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight fast with exercise, any cardiovascular exercise that you'll do will be effective--as long as you work hard and stick with it on a regular basis.

The top contenders for the fastest high-impact exercise to lose weight let you burn about 400 to 500 calories in 30 minutes. These include step aerobics, bicycling, swimming, racquetball, and rock climbing.

Technically, bicycling can burn the most calories, 800 or more per hour depending on your speed. However, the fastest exercise to lose weight really depends on which of these actvities you can push yourself to do regularly. For example, if you enjoy the challenge of keeping up with a step aerobics class, you might burn even more calories faster.

Frequency to Lose Weight Fast

Even when trying to lose weight fast, it's important to start gradually and increase the frequency to let your body adjust. If you don't have access to facilities used for the most effective cardio workouts (such as pools or gyms), you can incorporate everyday exercises such as walking for the best results.

The real secret is in knowing how to do your daily exercises for maximum benefit. For example, walking or climbing stairs are some of the best exercises for losing weight quickly. You just need to step up the frequency and time you devote to these cardio activities.

To lose weight fastest with exercise, you need to spend a vigorous 45 to 60 minutes daily on cardio exercises. Without the regular commitment, hard work and frequency, you'll just get tired. The key to using the fastest exercises to lose weight is consistency and working your system regularly.

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