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How Does the Excretory System Work With Other Systems in the Body?

The human body is comprised of a number of different systems that must all work together in harmony. One of these systems, the excretory system, must connect to an array of other organs and systems to eliminate waste and keep the body clean.

Digestive System

Because the digestive system produces a considerable amount of waste, it is one of the excretory system’s main contributors. The digestive system delivers undigested food particles, cellular waste and metabolic byproducts to the excretory system for elimination from the body.

Vascular System

Dry Skin and the Kidneys

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The biology website Science Ray notes that the kidneys are main components of the excretory system. As blood and liquid waste pass through the kidneys, the organs filter toxins from the passing fluids and pass the removed waste to other excretory organs for elimination. Science Ray also notes that the kidneys compliment the immune system by stripping toxins that could hinder the immune system’s cell functions.


When a person perspires, the cooling sweat doubles as an excretory function by carrying bacteria and waste products to the skin. This function compliments other excretory actions, as the sweat augments elimination through urine to more quickly clear toxins from the body.