How to Even Out a Tan After Peeling

An uneven tan is never attractive. If you have a bad sunburn or uneven tan, try the following tips to even out your skin tone.

Do not try to even out a tan by laying out under the sun again. Skin cancer is a serious risk of tanning, and after you have peeled your skin is at an even greater risk of being damaged.

Use a mild body scrub on your skin everyday. This will remove all the dead and damaged skin cells and allow new skin cells to develop and heal your skin. The uneven tan lines will begin to slowly disappear.

Rub moisturizing lotion with soothing aloe vera all over your body. The aloe vera in the lotion will soothe your damaged skin and minimize the appearance of redness.

Apply sunless tanning lotion, spray or foam to camouflage tan lines, mask discoloration and splotches, and even out your skin tone. You can also try getting a spray-on tan at a salon. Applying a fake tan will keep your skin tone even until your uneven tan lines fade out completely.


For an even, natural-looking tan, try Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Foam. Avoid the sun until your uneven tan has faded and your skin has healed. Always wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn and unsightly tan lines.