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Ensure Plus Nutrition

Ensure Plus, a product of Abbott Laboratories, is a liquid nutritional supplement. Packaged in 8-oz, single-serving bottles, as well as the larger 32-oz bottle, people can drink this beverage with meals, between meals or as the sole source of nutrition in the diet.

Nutritional Content

Each 8-oz serving provides 350 calories, 13g of protein and at least 25 percent of the daily value for most of 24 essential vitamins and minerals. This liquid nutritional product also contains prebiotics and antioxidants to support the immune system.

To Treat Decrease In Appetite

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Sometimes liquid nutrition is easier to take than solids. People with conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders, wired jaws, depression and those undergoing cancer therapies may find it easier to drink their nutrition than to eat it.

To Treat Increase in Energy Needs

Ensure Plus provides 50 percent more supplemental calories than some other formulas. Conditions that can increase energy needs include Parkinson’s disease, some types of cancer and preparation for surgery when in sub-optimal nutritional status. Ensure Plus can also promote weight gain over time when you take it in conjunction with a healthful diet.

Suggested Use

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Taken with or between meals, one to three cans of Ensure per day increases total calorie and protein intake. As a sole source of nutrition, five to seven cans will generally meet nutritional needs: Each individual’s physician or dietitian will calculate and prescribe the volume necessary for her specific case.

Other Features

Ensure plus comes in several flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, café latte and butter pecan. This liquid nutrition product is lactose-free, gluten-free, kosher, low-residue and contains fiber to aid in regular elimination.


Packaged in 24 8-oz bottles per case, Ensure Plus can be purchased through most neighborhood in-store pharmacies, ordered for delivery online or provided by a local medical supply company.