Ensure Plus Side Effects

Ensure Plus is a supplement that is designed for adults only, as there are potential serious side effects. Call your doctor immediately if you have any health concerns while taking Ensure Plus


Ensure Plus is an enteral nutrition formula that is designed to supplement a diet that lacks in essential nutrients. It is available in liquid form or is sometimes administered through a feeding tube.


The Sugar Content of Ensure Plus

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If you are taking Ensure Plus, you need to properly prepare and store it in order to avoid bacterial growth that can potentially cause illness. Drugs.com advises that you keep all prepared formula at room temperature and use it within 12 hours.


Tell your doctor if you experience constipation, confusion, breathing difficulties, seizures, nausea, diarrhea, excessive fatigue, vomiting, mental changes, frequent urination, pulse or heartbeat changes, dry mouth, increased thirst, nervousness, and weakness.


Ativan & B Complex Vitamins

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Drugs.com advises against taking Ensure Plus if you have type 2 diabetes, hyperglycemia, severe malnutrition, liver disease, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease, lactose intolerance, stomach problems, breathing problems, pancreatic disease, dehydration, and intestine problems. Such preexisting medical conditions may increase your risk of side effects.


Discuss any underlying medical issues with your doctor and ask if Ensure Plus will interfere with them. Your doctor will weigh the benefits of Ensure Plus against any risks and determine if it is appropriate for you.