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How to Find the Best Electronic Muscle Stimulator

By Scott E Mann

An Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a muscle exercise tool that can be used at home. The scientifically designed systems are mostly portable, lightweight, and proven to work effectively. Olympic contenders in the Soviet and Eastern bloc used muscle stimulators for years to build muscle. When hooked up to the body, electrodes send a series of electrical signals effectively contracting and relaxing the muscles. Most scientifically designed systems are portable and lightweight. EMS benefits beginners and professionals alike for maximum strength enhancement, plays a role in rehabilitation and is used extensively in clinics for treatments of some injuries.

Step 1

Look for a system that allows you to control rest periods in between use. However, if you want to concentrate on your abdominal muscles, select one that automatically turns off a few seconds after a few minutes of use, since those muscle groups can only be worked out for endurance up to 15 minutes at a time.

Step 2

Consider ease of use when in the market to purchase an EMS. Expensive machines with higher hertz are portable with battery or plug in options. These work best for athletes on the go.

Step 3

Select one with good pads. Most EMS's come with a package of electrode pads secured by Velcro straps. This is cumbersome to use and time-consuming. Self-adhesive pads are more recommended.

Step 4

Inquire about the warranty when comparing products. A money back guarantee shows the manufacturer has confidence in its product’s reliability.

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