The Effects of MSM Eye Drops on the Retina

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur in the body. MSM is used in many healing applications, one of which is to treat a variety of problems occurring in the eyes.

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How it works

MSM is an effective healer because of its ability to cross membrane barriers in the human body. Because the retina sits in the rear of the eye socket, the penetrating effect of MSM can be critical for treatment.

Aging eyes

As we age, eyes--like skin--grow tougher and less resilient. MSM can soften the leathery membranes of the eye, thereby allowing nutrients to pass more easily to where they are needed.

Cataracts and glaucoma

Weakness and inflammation in the retina show up as cataracts and glaucoma. MSM drops remove the waste particle buildup of cataracts and reduce the inside eye pressure of glaucoma.

Other therapeutic effects

Other general benefits to the eye from MSM drops are improved vision, muscle tone, red spots and damaged blood vessels. It also has been reported to remove floaters 1.


Stanly Jacob, MD, of the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, says more than 11,000 articles have been written in support of MSM medical use worldwide. Hundreds of studies later, there is still no evidence that MSM has ever had a destructive effect on the retina.


While anecdotal evidence is monumental, most doctors point to the lack of credible scientific studies to support the myriad beneficial claims about MSM.