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How to Do a Nerve Pinch

By Contributor

Pinching a nerve on another person can either be irritating or deadly. So unless you are willing to take the chance of turning a bothersome squeeze into a fatal attack, be careful how you approach this subject. Learn how to do a nerve pinch to protect yourself in extreme situations.

Watch for your opponent to tense up. When stressed, the veins on the neck often pop out, leaving a clear opening for you to grab on to the vessels and pinch it as hard as you can. In military training, this move is taught to soldiers to kill their enemies in hand-to-hand combat.

Pinch an opponent hard in the center of his collarbone to cause enough discomfort for you to get in some other, more damaging blows. The nerve that runs along the collarbone is attached to the arms and will render them barely usable for a short time.

Find the nerve that runs along the inside of the arm and controls the hands. If you pinch that area, then you can temporarily disrupt the fingers mobility and buy yourself time to either get away or deliver some gut punches to your attacker.

Press very hard on the nerve that is located under the jaw, near the lower end of the earlobe. Many law enforcement officers are taught this nerve pinch to subdue unruly criminals or suspects.

Locate these nerves on your own body before you rely on using them in a real battle. Press and pinch the nerve areas you want to locate and when your eyes start to water, you can let up because you've found the sweet spot.

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