How to Do a Lemon Juice Candida Cleanse

Candida is a microscopic yeast that exists in most people's mouths and intestinal tracts. In a person with a healthy immune system, the Candida levels are kept under control. However, when the normal balance is disrupted, it can lead to an overload in Candida in the body. In women, this often translates to a yeast infection in the vagina. In both men and women, it can also lead to an infection in the intestine referred to as a "leaky gut." A lemon juice Candida cleanse is a simple cleanse that restores the natural levels of Candida in the body.

Cut the fresh lemon in half and squeeze out about two tablespoons worth of lemon juice. Set aside.

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Boil two cups of water and pour into the two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix in a pinch of cayenne pepper and the genuine maple syrup. Make sure to use genuine maple syrup rather than a syrup that contains corn syrup, which can further aggravate a Candida infection. You can purchase genuine maple syrup from your local organic foods store.

Drink the mixture while hot or allow it to cool down. Pour the cool mixture into an empty water bottle.

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Drink the lemon juice mixture consistently throughout the day---between two and eight 8-ounce glasses a day. The mixture is designed to cleanse your body of toxins while killing the overload of Candida in your system and restore the balance to your digestive tract.

Continue drinking this tonic consistently for the next two weeks to ensure optimal results and a fully cleansed system. You can continue to eat and drink other foods, but it is recommended that you avoid foods with too many preservatives and artificial flavors, such as sweets and soda.


Double or triple the ingredients to create more of the mixture to last several weeks.


Don't use bottled lemon juice as it contains preservatives that will add more damaging chemicals to your already fragile system. Always squeeze fresh lemon juice from an organic lemon.