What to Do for an Infected Blackhead?

An infected blackhead often occurs when you try to pinch, squeeze or pop a blackhead pimple before it's ready. Though tempting, it's not a good idea. Squeezing a blackhead forces bacteria and dirt deep into your pore, lengthening your healing time and often causing infections. If you have a blackhead that seems to be infected, there are several things you can do to care for it.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.


Don't take chances. It may seem overly-cautious, but see a doctor about your infection. A serious infection that goes untreated often only gets worse. Untreated blackhead infections can also cause permanent scarring. In extreme cases, infections can enter the bloodstream and make you very ill. According to acne help blog Acne101.co.uk, your doctor might want to give you antibiotics to fight the infection from the inside. Follow your doctor's advice concerning antibiotic course and treatment.


If your infection is serious, your doctor may advise lancing: The doctor cuts the infected blackhead open and drains the pus out of your wound. Your wound is then cleansed with antiseptics and bandaged. Since this procedure is rather invasive, antibiotics often follow. You should never attempt to do this procedure yourself--you risk worsening the situation and causing scarring and further infection from unsterile instruments.

Ethyl Alcohol

If your infection is minimal and only mildly irritating, you can try to squeeze out as much pus as possible, keeping the area as dry as you can. Try rubbing ethyl alcohol over the blackhead each hour. Soon, you will feel your blackhead drying up and healing.

Home Remedies

You can make a thick paste with equal parts tumeric and rose water to naturally heal your infected blackhead. Before you apply the turmeric paste, make sure you've drained out as much pus as possible. You can help the process by applying a warm compress to the blackhead for a few minutes. If you prefer cold compresses, you can use chilled tea bags as well. Tea bags have the ability to draw pus from any surface. Once your blackhead is drained, you will find it easier to begin healing.