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How do I Assemble an Invacare Hospital Bed?

By Joe Christos ; Updated July 27, 2017

Invacare Corp., based in Elyria, Ohio, is one of the largest distributors of durable medical equipment in the United States. Invacare produces products for both commercial and home use such as hoyer lifts, wheelchairs and hospital beds. Invacare home-style fully automatic hospital beds allow patients to receive the care they need while resting at home in more comfortable surroundings.

Lay the head spring on its side and extend the spring to a 90 degree angle away from the frame so it can stand on its own.

Lay the foot spring on its side with the top facing the bottom of the head spring.

Slide the mounting rivets on the top of the foot spring into the mounting locks located on the bottom of the head spring.

Extend the bed frame and lay flat on the ground.

Place the head end at the top of the head spring.

Lift the head spring and guide the corner rivets into the corner locks of the head spring.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the foot end and foot spring.

Push the foot end coupler in toward the motor and turn clockwise to extend it and lock into the gear box of the foot end.

Extend the head pull tube until the spring button locks into its designated hole.

Place the bolt of the pull tube into the arm of the head spring and lock into place with the hitch pin.

Extend the head spring 90 degrees away from the frame and connect the hooks at the bottom of the head spring to the top of the foot spring.

Extend the drive shaft until the snap button locks into the first hole.

Insert one end of the drive shaft into the gear box of the head end and the other end on the gear box located on the foot spring.

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