Different Types of Sensual Massage Therapies

Massages therapy is a way to bring you and your partner closer through touch. A massage can help you break the ice, de-stress or stimulate your partner while relaxing her. Sensual massages can be used as your foreplay or can be incorporated into your lovemaking and provide a nurturing sensation that will make your lover feel pampered.

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Tantric Massage

Tantric massage encompasses a large variety of massage styles with the focus being on deep breathing and soft caressing of the genital regions as well as the highly erogenous zones around them such as the upper thighs, hips and lower abdomen. You will usually be on your back as opposed to your stomach to make your genitals more accessible and you may choose to be completely naked.

Full Body Massaging

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Many massages leave out body parts such as the scalp, arms and hands. A full body massage will have you massaging and caressing all body parts and stimulating areas not usually touched in an erotic way. While a full body massage does not typically include the genital or breast as parts of the massage you can incorporate it into a sensual full body massage 1.

Swedish Massage

The most common form of massage which includes kneading, long flowing strokes, percussive type strokes and movements to generate friction which brings heat and blood to the surface of the skin. This massage usually is done while you are laying on your stomach and is generally concentrated on your back. For sensuality the upper thighs and buttocks can be targeted.