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How to Determine What Does Dry Socket Feel Like

What does a dry socket feel like? Those who have experienced wisdom teeth extractions know that dry sockets are bad news. Oral surgeons give the warnings signs and patients fear they will be one of the few that experience the painful condition. Anyone considering tooth extraction should know how to answer the question, "What does a dry socket feel like?."

Wait at least 2 days after tooth extraction to determine if the pain you are feeling is normal pain or extraordinary. What does a dry socket feel like? Excruciating pain that goes on much longer than it should.

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Pay attention to where the pain is coming from. Regular extraction pain is more focused on the extraction site. Radiating pain to the ears and eyes explains what does a dry socket feel like.

Open your mouth as wide as you can and shine a flashlight in. If you can see a gaping hole and visible bone, you don't have to determine what does a dry socket feel like. Visible bone is a sure sign of a missing blood clot.

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Brush your teeth gently per your doctor's orders. Do you notice a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath even after doing this? Sometimes it's not so much, "What does a dry socket feel like", but more about what it tastes like.

Feel around your neck and jaw for any large lumps or tender areas. These could be your lymph nodes. If you worry what does a dry socket feel like, you could have infection that causes swollen nodes.


If pain ever gets worse with each passing day, see a doctor. It should always get better after an extraction.